Concrete Sheet Pile

Precast concrete sheet  pile  for the construction of  road / railway embankments, river / coastal embankments, harbour bank protection, earth retaining wall structures for building construction, sewerage / drainage channel, agricultural flume, storage pond, basement construction.

Manufactured to customers' specifications
Width : 1.0m

Designed and manufactured in accordance to BS 8110: Part 1: 1985. [ details... ]


BG Slab

Precast concrete slab consists of concrete grids with soil chambers.
Dimensions: 595 L x 400 W x 110 H
Area coverage: 4 pieces per square metres
Average weight: 35 kg per piece
Ideal for construction of private roads and driveways, car park areas, boat ramps, road shoulders, river beds and banks, access roads in parks and gardens for heavy vehicles and slope protection. [ details... ]


Tunnel Lining Segment

Precast tunnel lining segments for the construction of various types of tunnels, i.e. utility tunnels, road tunnels and etc.

Size range : 2.5m to 15.0m diameter


Reinforced Concrete Square Pile

(Hume Standard Design)
Size range: 150mm3 - 400mm3
Designed and manufactured in accordance to BS 8004: 1986
(JKR Design)
Size range: 200mm3 - 400mm3
Designed and manufactured in accordance to BS 8004: 1986 & MS 1314: 1993

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